Perfect Skins

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About Course

The Perfect Cuticles course is a great opportunity for professionals and nail care enthusiasts to gain knowledge and practical skills in perfect cuticle development. During this course, you will also gain the skills to remove styling and prepare the nail plate in a safe and precise manner.


The course will give you an understanding of the differences between the different types of cuticles and teach you how to adapt tools and products to the individual client’s needs and how to use them in practice – with us, no cuticle will be scary to you!


Join us now and you’ll be able to provide your clients with perfectly manicured cuticles and nails that will impress with their appearance and healthy shine.

Indigo’s online course gives you unlimited access to the material, and you’ll find lists of essential products in each lesson. On top of this, you also receive a personalised electronic certificate of participation – be sure to hang it up in your salon!

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What Will You Learn?

  • safe removal of nail artwork and nail shaping
  • techniques for working with a milling machine to shorten and prepare the nails and how to keep control of the tool
  • the selection of appropriate products and tools for the cuticle type
  • the correct use of cutters depending on the cuticle type
  • when and how to use scissors or clippers in the manicure
  • how to remove cuticles safely and effectively using keratolytics
  • how to restore the moisture and healthy look of nails and cuticles using, for example, Shea butter

Course Content


  • Introduction
  • Removal of nail design and nail shaping
  • E-file manicure
  • Manicure with scissors or pliers
  • Perfect cuticles without a cutter
  • Shea manicure